The most cost effective way to transport gas is in a gaseous state down a pipeline.  However, pipelines are not always available to accommodate every utility or application. Therefore, when a pipeline is not a transportation option a virtual pipeline becomes a viable, effective option.  Without chemically altering the natural gas you can move it as a compressed gas (CNG) or as a cryogenic liquid (LNG).  For relatively short distances and relatively small volumes CNG will be more cost effective.  It costs less to compress the gas than it does to liquefy it.  CNG equipment is less expensive and more efficient.  As the distances increase, say over 150 miles, and the volumes are greater, say over 2 million cubic feet per day to move, then the economics of LNG become more attractive.  Changing natural gas to methanol or synthetic fuels will also increase the energy density and allow moves of even greater distances but for larger volumes LNG will still be the winner, thus the world scale LNG plants in places like Australia and Qatar and huge LNG tankers delivering to Asia and Europe.

The mother-daughter model is a systematic approach for mobilizing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for electric power generation where a vast amount of natural gas is consumed on a daily basis.

 This model configuration consists of two Kelley Packs connected in series (247,212 scft of CNG) and mounted on a heavy duty trailer equipped with air ride suspension. Each Kelley Pack has a capacity of approximately 123,606 scft (3,500 scm) at a service pressure of 3,250 psig.

The concept is to deliver 1 million ft³ of CNG from the mother site (CNG processing plant) to the daughter site (electric power plant) on a daily basis. To accomplish this, five trailers double mounted with two Kelley Pack units each, two tractors, and six drivers in a three shift delivery operation will be required. Three trailers will be at the daughter site discharging CNG in sequence while two trailers are in transit to and from the mother site. The CNG flow for power generation is controlled by the discharge and regulation plants located at the daughter site. This KGTM Solution configuration is designed to generate a seamless supply of CNG to any application requiring natural gas for power generation regardless of the location.

KGTM Kelley Pack Versatility:

Kelley Packs can provide viable solutions to any industry requiring on site compressed gas including: Natural Gas, Helium, Air, Hydrogen, Ethane and Nitrogen.