Kelley GTM Manufacturing is a member of the Kelley Family of Companies. The Kelley Family has pioneered the specialty gas transportation industry since 1946 with the industry’s most progressive transportation solutions. KGTM offers specialty gas solutions including storage, interim gas supplies, transportation, and equipment leasing. It is our goal to develop a reliable, self-contained, specialty gas application that is cost efficient and effective for our customers.

Manufacturing & Safety Testing: Kelley GTM (KGTM) is an integrated OEM such that designs, manufactures, tests, and guarantees the performance of our products. Unlike some competitors, KGTM does not outsource the manufacturing process of major safety-critical and key manufacturing components. Our commitment to quality products from component to completion allows KGTM to minimize supply chain, delivery, technical, and performance risk of our product empowering KGTM to establish a personal role in the module manufacture and maintenance procedures.

KGTM modules are U.S. DOT qualified to a complete battery of testing including: pressure testing, burst testing, gunfire testing, fire testing, rollover testing, and impact testing. They are self-contained in an iso-certified intermodal containment unit. Self-containment adds to the payload security and enables an element of discretion during transportation and storage. KGTM modules are thus, the safest, most secure gas transportation option available.

Market Value:  The KGTM maximizes transportation and storages capacities by offering customers leading market value on a cost per cubic foot of storage.

KGTM Modules

KGTM modules, Kelley Packs,  are comprised of 9 steel vessels with welded end caps. These steel tubes are then hoop wrapped with resin infused fiberglass to maximize strength and capacity. Each Kelley Pack is capable of delivering, at 70⁰F, 13,734  cubic feet of CNG at 3, 250 psig, thus each nine vessel Kelley Pack holds a total of 123,606 cubic feet of CNG at 3,250 psig. A complete empty KGTM Kelley Pack  system weighs 36,300 Lbs or 16,674 Kgs.